NMT Product Solutions For Innovative Applications:

NMT has the full spectrum of engineering and production development capabilities to support any hinge application from a straightforward build-to-print to hinge, to a NMT designed connection system.
Let us Assist!
Today's manufacturers are global in scale with exact demands for superior cost control and world-class quality.
NMT's sophisticated design engineering team is ready to deliver custom engineered solutions that are innovative, high in quality and cost effective.

Below are examples of products developed by NMT’s engineering team, or in conjunction with a customer.
Back Engine Door Hinge
Back Engine Door Hinge
Quick Release Side Access
Panel Hinge
Lighting Fixture Hinge
Side Compartment Door
Back Engine Door Hinge
Headlight Access Panel
Radiator Door Access
Concealed Electronic
Cabinet Hinge
Branded Truck Cargo Door
Strap Hinge
Back Engine Door Scissor
Door Hinge
Truck Cargo Door Strap
Compartment Door Loaded
Spring Hinge
Strap Hinge
Engine Access Door Hinge
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