Mild Steel with Fixed Brass Pin, Brass Bushing

Flexible installation solution for overlapping doors/panels with limited space, and flush doors.
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Mild Steel with Fixed Brass Pin, Brass Bushing
Part #LengthThicknessDiameterPin DiameterDrawings CAD Order
PS40BP1.5750.3740.3150.197 [PDF][.stp] Order Now
PS50BP1.9690.3940.3150.197 [PDF][.stp]Order Now
PS60BP2.3620.4720.3940.236 [PDF][.stp]Order Now
PS70BP2.7560.5120.4530.236 [PDF][.stp]Order Now
PS80BP3.1500.6100.5120.315 [PDF][.stp] Order Now
PS90BP3.5430.6100.5120.315 [PDF][.stp]Order Now
PS100BP3.9370.7680.6300.394 [PDF][.stp]Order Now
PS120BP4.7240.7870.6300.433 [PDF][.stp]Order Now
PS135BP5.3150.9060.7090.512 [PDF][.stp] Order Now
PS150BP5.9060.9840.7870.512 [PDF][.stp] Order Now
PS180BP7.0870.9840.7870.512 [PDF][.stp]Order Now
PS200BP7.8741.1220.9060.630 [PDF][.stp] Order Now
PS260BP10.2361.4571.1020.748 [PDF][.stp]Order Now
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